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About Us

We are an Indigenous Owned environmental remediation company that specialises in energetics disposal and site decontamination.


Who we are

We are the only provider of Munirem in Australia that offers a proven environmental friendly alternative to UXO Remediation.


All of our staff are Military Veterans that are qualified in Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) or Explosives Ordnance

Reconnaissance (EOR) with current Security Clearances.


We currently have a footprint that stretches across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Syria, and Iran, with more teams and expansion planned.

Our Memberships

Vergex is proudly Australian Indigenous and Defence Veteran Owned. Our Company and Directors are proud members of:

Vergex Memberships 2024.png

Strategic Alliances

Security Clearence Providers

Australian Defence Consultancy Group is our Strategic Alliance that provides Vergex members with the correct Security Clearance for our tasks.

Red Team Training Solutions.jpg

Red Team Training Solutions are our trusted UXO training provider.

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